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  • Autumn Loneliness awarded
    “Best Memoir 2010”

    Judges’ Commentary

    “The letters have an engaging, lyrical quality that read not only as a document of their times, but also as a window into the spirits and souls of two young people deeply in love with each other and fully engaged in the wonder and challenge of living. . . .This little gem [is] one of those rare finds one always feels blessed to have run across—interesting and moving in a quiet way.”

    “Although I did not know the Tokutomis were such significant people in the world of haiku, I still found the story of their love, their hardships, their separation, and their challenges to be presented in a way that enchanted, captivated, and fascinated me. The book is nearly impossible to put down.”

  • Autumn Loneliness: The Letters of Kiyoshi and Kiyoko Tokutomi, July-December, 1967
    translated from the Japanese by Tei Matsushita Scott and Patricia J. Machmiller

  • Blush of Winter Moon
    Haiku by Patricia J. Machmiller

  • Kiyoko’s Sky: The Haiku of Kiyoko Tokutomi
    Haiku translated from the Japanese with Fay Aoyagi

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