• scented breeze-- /
    looking for meaning /
    in the forms of things
  • Scented Breeze: Haiku Etchings

    17 original intaglio prints combining art and poetry

    "Scented Breeze / looking for meaning / in the forms of things . . ." This is the title haiku of an exhibit of a series of intaglio prints. Each print in the series of 17 combines image and poetry in the tradition of Japanese haiga. The “scented breeze” haiku is an element within a design of wisteria abstracted into three panels echoing the three-line haiku form. “Summer sea—/from the depths random thoughts/ coagulating” is the haiku that is incorporated in a print of jellyfish. Haiku written by Machmiller, who is a published haiku poet, has inspired the series. The works represent an exploration of the compression of the image in much the same way that language is compressed in haiku writing where the form is limited to seventeen syllables. Each print is from a limited édition variée of 25.

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